Gearboxes are used in various industries such as Mining and Food Processing. L & B Industrial Power Pumps Cape Town offers a wide range of services for Gearboxes such as:

  • Any new Gearbox Purchases.
  • Servicing of Gearboxes.
  • Modifications to any Gearboxes

Products for all type of food processing equipment:

  • Drying and cooking machines
  • Grain logistic systems
  • Presses
  • Extrusion machines (Food and Pet Food)
  • Grinding and flaking machines
  • Rendering systems
  • Freezing and chilling line
  • Homogenizing machines
  • Conveyors tunnel freezers, carton freezers
  • Milling machines
  • Grading and sorting machines
  • Mixing / Stirring machines

Products for all types of mining equipment:

  • Hydraulic shovel excavators
  • Belt wagons
  • Electric or hybrd rope shovel excavators
  • Conveyors - Systems & belt drives
  • Bucket wheel excavators
  • Conveyors - Systems & mobile transfer drives
  • Dump trucks with diesel-electric driveline
  • Blast hole drills
  • Crushers and screeners
  • Surface miners
  • Mining stackers
  • Underground mining equipment