Pre-assembled irrigation and solar pump panel systems

Pump Panel Systems

A complete and robust range of pre-assembled irrigation and solar pump panel systems that provide a solution for a wide variety of pumping applications. These panel systems are enclosed in weather-tight protection units which are available in several sizes and panel variations depending on the control and the environment of the installation.

The uncluttered panel layout also allows for reasonable working space which can significantly simplify installation, commissioning, and servicing.

The preconfigured VSD’s (variable speed drives) reduce the amount of energy drawn by the pump motor by controlling the speed while keeping a constant pressure in the line. Even a small reduction in speed can give significant savings.

Standard Features

Irrigation Pump Panels

  • Panel mount isolator
  • Drive and control circuit breakers
  • Class II surge protection
  • Power and control terminals
  • Manual off/auto selector switch
  • Run and trip indication
  • Cooling fans and vents
  • Rotary setpoint selector (more than one setpoint)
Standard Features

Solar (PV) Pump Panels

  • Multi-status indicator lamp
  • On/Off selector switch
  • DC fuse protection (includes spare)
  • Power and control terminals
  • No flow input and underload protection
  • Maximum power point tracking software + manual override

Specifying your operating hours

Specify your combined solar panel’s wattage according to the
time of day you wish to pump.
– Normal operating hours* = 1.5 x pumps Kilowatts
– Early & late operating hours* = 2 x pumps Kilowatts

Calculating your PV Array
See below example:

Motor specification – 1kW 3 phase 400V 50Hz
PV panel specification – 154 VOC, 120 VMP, 150W
VFD specification – 770 VDC max, 450 VDC min (PV4)
* * VOC-Voltage Open Circuit
VMP-Voltage Maximum Point
VDC-Voltage Direct Current
1) Determine the maximum amount of panels
connected in series
PV panels (VDC max ÷ VOC)
– 770 VDC max ÷ 154 VOC = 5 (PV panels connected in series)
2) Calculate the power requirements based on
“normal operating hours” (1.5 x pump kW)
– Total Power required = Pump kW x 1.5 – Total Power required = 1kW x 1.5 = 1500W
– Power per string = 150W panel x 5
– Power per string = 750W
– Amount of strings needed = 1500W ÷ 750W
– Amount of strings needed = 2
Therefore the array will be 2 stings of 5 panels each &
electrical panel Part Number = 015PV4