Submersible Horizontal Sludge And Slurry Pumps.


Varkie Pump SVA Submersible Horizontal sludge and slurry pumps with solids handling capability of up to 110mm.

Varkie Pump Characteristics:
When the level of the product being pumped drops below the top of the pump inlet, the pump loses it’s prime and stops pumping, makes a snorting sound similar to that of a wild pig, thus getting the name of Varkie which is an Afrikaans word meaning Little Pig.

Varkie Products
Within the SVA Range this pump has the highest head in comparison to flow.
The pump is designed to work in harsh environments where large flows are not a criteria and suit municipal, mining and industrial applications and are ideal where solids in the form of sludge, slurries, suspended solids or sediment.
The unit snorts without overheating for extended periods, provided the pump is mounted or positioned horizontally.